Data sheet

 Item no.: 2002-3208
 Product description:  TRIPLE DECK TERMINAL BLOCK 6-CONDUCTOR THROUGH L without marker carrier Housing color: gray INTERNAL COMMONING Conductor entry with violet marking SUITABLE FOR EX E APPLICATIONS  

  Packing unit 50 pieces  

  Current intensity EN 28 A
  Number of levels 3
  Cross section [mm²] 0.25 - 2.5 mm²
  Cross section [AWG] 22 - 12 AWG
  Connection method CAGE CLAMP®S Connection
  Cross section [mm²] 0.25 - 4 mm²
  Cross section [AWG] 22 - 12 AWG
  Wiring method e+f
  Connection method CAGE CLAMP®S Connection
  Measured voltage EN 500 V
  Measured shock voltage 6 kV
  Pollution degree 3
  Current intensity EN 24 A
  Weight 17.865 g
  Color gray
  Wiring type Front-entry
  No. of connection Points 6
  No. of potentials 1
  Height 69.5 mm
  Height 2.736 in
  Width 5.2 mm
  Width 0.205 in
  Depth 93.5 mm
  Depth 3.681 in
  Strip length from 10 mm
  Strip length to 12 mm
  Strip length 0.43 in
  Customs Tariff No. 85369010
  Country of Origin Deutschland
  Mounting TS 35

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