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  PCB Terminal Blocks - Extremely Short, Series 218
In confined spaces the compact dimensions (only 8.1mm high) of the Series 218 PCB terminal blocks and the option of locking the clamping units open makes the connection of several conductors at the same time a much simpler task.
      Modular System Series 750
The modular design of the WAGO I/O System 750 ensures a compact and economical design of your fieldbus nodes; through it’s flexibility and large choice of digital, analogue and special function I/O modules.
  Fieldbus Couplers and Controllers, Series 750
The generic I/O modules are simply integrated with the major fieldbus protocols by the selection of the appropriate buscoupler or programmable fieldbus controller.
      WINSTA® - The Perfect Connection, Series 770
WINSTA® from WAGO is the pluggable connector system for building installations. The system is suitable for lighting and power circuits with a 25 Amp rating and is exclusively equipped with the CAGE CLAMP 'S' connection.

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